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  Hostel Rules

1. A student once admitted in the hostel continues to be a hostel inmate throughout the year. He has to pay the Annual Fees for the full academic session. The amount will be forfeited if the inmate decide to leave the hostel mid session.
2. A boarder should not enter the rooms of others who are not in their rooms.
3. No one shoul use the belongings of there students without their consent.
4. Boarder shall not leave the hostel for out-of station visits without prior written permission of the warden concerned. Absence from Hostel without permission will be viewed seriously .
5. Every border must be returned of the hostel befor 7:00 P.M.
6. The window and doors/wall paint shall not to be tampered, writing/damage is strictly Prohibited. All repair would be at the boarder cost.
7. Use of electrical appliiances like heaters, hotplates etc in the hostel rooms are prohibited.
8. Border will be personally and collectively responsible for any loss or damage to the hostel furniture or others fittigs in all the common facilities and place in the Hostel.
9. All meals such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea will be served in the dining hall only. Boarder are not permitted to dine in the hostel rooms.
10. Boarder must not keep valuables in their rooms. Extra money must be deposited in the post office/ savings bank account.
11. A border himself is responsible for all of his belongings. The hostel will not be responsible for any loss incurred due to his negligence or any other reason what so ever.

  Our Hostel Branch

1. Manbhawan Residency

Near Anurag Chowk,
Rambhag Colony, Opp. Dr. Tarun Mittal
House No.- 4, Dehradun.

2. Hill View Residency

Sudhowala Chowk
Near BFIT College,

3. Neel Kanth Residency

Sudhowala Chowk

4. Uttarakhand Residency

Near Minerwa College

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